Can’t I get my car fixed for cheaper at other garages in Cambodia?

Absolutely, but keep in mind other garages may use the cheapest lower quality parts, and will often only “patch” the problem rather than find the source of the issue. You may find that it’ll end up being more expensive having to go back again and again.

If costs are an issue, we can let you know which issues on your car need to be fixed right away, and which ones can wait a few months. Also, if we fix your car and make a mistake somewhere (we’re not perfect!), we’ll fix that issue again for free.

What do I need to own a car in Cambodia?

We’ll have a guide on owning a car in Cambodia posted very soon!

How do I get a Cambodian driving license?

Check out our latest guide on how to get a Cambodian drivers license!

What should I know before buying a car in Cambodia?

The main things are; get a respectable mechanic to check the car, take it for a test drive, and make sure it has all the correct paperwork. If you need assistance, check out our car buying service.